There has not been a single technological improvement to the latex condom in 50 years. With unique patent-pending technology that provides uninterrupted water-activated lubrication, HydroGlyde Coatings is poised to change the market for latex condoms forever.

By increasing user satisfaction and decreasing the risk of breakage, better lubrication can lead to more consistent and correct use of condoms, ultimately minimizing the risk of STI transmission and unwanted pregnancy.

Our Mission


Our Mission: To reduce the global health challenges of STI transmission and unwanted pregnancy by promoting the correct and consistent use of condoms.

  • When used properly, condoms are > 98% effective in protecting people from unwanted pregnancies and STI transmission
  • There are one million new STI cases each year, resulting in an economic burden of $16 Billion in medical-related costs.
  • In the US alone, there are approximately 1 billion unprotected sex acts each year.

Using science and technology to improve comfort and satisfaction with condoms 

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The HydroGlyde Coating

hydroglyde icon   A unique self-lubricating coating for latex condoms

water icon   Activated with JUST water

durable icon   Durable and offers long-lasting condom lubricity

strategy icon   Eliminates the need for supplemental personal lubricants

medical icon   Composed of non-allergenic and biocompatible materials

beaker icon   Designed by a team of skilled scientists, chemists, and biomedical engineers